Our Collaborative Work with UNSW (Australia) on the stability of Indium/Lithium and Indium/Tin Alloys with Solid Electrolytes Appears in Chem. Mater.

30 Jul 2021 by Piero

Today, July 30th, Baltej Singh published the exciting results of our research lead by our collaborator Dr. Dipan Kundu in the School of Chemical Engineering at UNSW, Australia.

The manuscript investigates the fundamental electro-chemo-mechanical stabilities of Lithium-Indium and Lithium-Tin alloys of varied Li stoichiometries with sulfide electrolyte based SSBs. The intermetallic electrodes developed through a controlled synthesis and fabrication technique display impressive (electro)chemical stability with Li6PS5Cl as the solid electrolyte and maintain nearly perfect interfacial contact during the electrochemical Li insertion/de-insertion under an optimal stack pressure.

The manuscript can be found here

Big congratulations to Baltej for his achievement!