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We are currently hiring new group members

Our lab is hiring motivated Graduate students and postdoctoral Researchers. This page is regularly updated depending on the availability of research fund. Our interest sits at the interface between computational materials science and the development of new materials for applications in energy storage and conversion. We are looking for industrious and inquisitive candidates that can bring novel and interdisciplinary momentum to the field of energy storage. We are committed to improving diversity in materials sciences. Applicants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

PostDoctoral Fellows

Please contact Prof Canepa for info. Potential postdoctoral candidates will guide together with experimental collaborators the prediction of novel materials’ compositions of electrodes and electrolytes for batteries applications. Ideal candidates should master:

  • Excellent knowledge of electronic structure methods, including density-functional theory;
  • A deep understanding of solid state physics/chemistry and physical chemistry in general;
  • Good knowledge of thermodynamics, phase diagrams and the principles of statistical mechanics;
  • Scientific programming skills are desired;
  • Basic knowledge of UNIX/Linux operative systems and their command line (BASH, CSH, etc.).

Interested candidates should directly submit their curriculum vitae to Prof. Canepa. Candidates must hold a PhD in materials science, chemistry and chemical engineering, physics or related field by the commencement of employment. Our group is truly multicultural and there are no citizenship restrictions. Successful candidate will be able to negotiate their salary based on their experience.

Graduate Students

Graduate students from the Univeristy of Hosuton can directly send Prof Canepa inquiries to join the group. Potential graduate students should contact Prof Canepa in advance and follow the admission to the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering following this link.

Potential graduate applicants are not required prior knowledge in computational materials science. However, we require some interest in computational science, physics and chemistry. PhD research projects split between theoretical and experimental research are also very welcomed.