Congratulations to Mr. Tara P. Mishra, who has published his first paper in the Physical Review Materials!

5 Feb 2021 by Piero

On February 5th, the research work of Mr. Tara P. Mishra entitled Unlocking the Origin of Compositional Fluctuations in InGaN Light Emitting Diodes was published in Physical Review Materials. Tara developed a powerful methodology to detect the formation of In clusters in high Indium content InxGa1-xN LEDs quantum wells (QWs). His study showed a direct comparison between the computationally predicted and experimentally observed compositional fluctuations.

Autonomous detection of compositional fluctuations in InxGa1–xN samples.
Autonomous detection of compositional fluctuations in InxGa1-x samples.

He found that although a random alloy model captures the distribution of compositional fluctuations in relatively low In (~18%) content InxGa1-xN QWs, there exists a striking deviation from the model in higher In content (~24 %) QWs. The results highlight a distinct behaviour in carrier localization driven by compositional fluctuations in the low and high In-content InxGa1-xN QWs, which would ultimately affect the performance of LEDs.

The full manuscript can be found here.