Abhishek A. Panchal

PhD student

I have received my BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in the department of Materials Science and Engineering. During my BTech I have done projects and courses in the area of thermodynamics, heat transport and have used simulation software like ANSYS, MATLAB for solving modelling problems. I like to understand concepts from a fundamental point of view and be able to apply them to real life applications. I have also worked on developing applications involving coding in languages like python, java, bash. Apart from academics, I like to remain occupied with playing keyboard, badminton, jogging, cooking, reading philosophical books.


1. Strategies for Fitting Accurate Machine Learned Inter-atomic Potentials for Solid Electrolytes, Mater. Futures, 2 015101 (2023).

2. The Resistive Nature of Decomposing Interfaces of Solid Electrolytes with Alkali Metal Electrodes, J. Mater. Chem. A, (2022).