Design and Characterization of Host Frameworks for Facile Magnesium Transport

Gao Y., Mishra T. P., Bo S.-H., Gopalakrishnan S. G., and Canepa P.; Annu. Rev. Mater. Res., 52: 6.1-6.30 (2022).


The development of inexpensive batteries based on magnesium (Mg) chemistry will contribute remarkably toward developing high-energy-density storage systems that can be used worldwide. Significant challenges remain in developing practical Mg batteries, the chief of which is designing materials that can provide facile transport of Mg. In this review, we cover the experimental and theoretical methods that can be used to quantify Mg mobility in a variety of host frameworks, the specific transport quantities that each technique is designed to measure or calculate, and some practical examples of their applications. We then list the unique challenges faced by different experimental and computational techniques in probing Mg ion transport in materials. This review concludes with an outlook on the directions that the scientific community could soon pursue as we strive to construct a pragmatic Mg battery.